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Warning! Gas Attack! Don't be a victim!


Narcotic Gas Alarms

Gas Warning Systems


KombiAlarm Narcotic Gas Alarms

The KOMBIALARM family is a Combined fully automatic LPG and Sleeping gas alarm warning system with specially designed built-in sensor and audio signaling units. All sensors are high quality 5 year life design.

The MAGIC KOMBI -911 is designed for portability and plugs into a 12/24V cigar lighter socket, ideall for Lorry Cabs, Campervans and Boats. The high quality sensor will detect LPG and KO Narcotic type gases well before the gas becomes volatile or explosive.

The KOMBIALARM-COMPACT Single Sensor Unit is designed for vehicles up to approx. 7 meters in length where a single sensor unit is sufficient to detect any gas well before the gas becomes volatile or explosive.

The KOMBIALARM-Plus is designed for larger vehicles where additional remote sensors can be fitted and a switching relay allows for connection to a separate alarm or warning device (flashlight etc). Remote sensors are available in two versions, KO/LPG for the detection of LPG and Narcotic (KO-gas) and a CO sensor to detect carbon monoxide.

The KombiAlarms will detect the smallest concentration of sleeping gas before it renders the occupants unconscious.

Alarm thresholds are fully automated and set well below the level that the gases become volatile.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Operates from a standard 12 Volt DC supply.

  • Can be plugged into cigarette socket

  • For use in: Caravans, Motorhomes, Apartments, Boats & Lorry Cabs

For more information download the PDF documentation by clicking the link on the left.

H/W/D 90x115x30 mm


Single Sensor Alarm System

For Caravans, Motorhomes, Apartments and Boats where the deployment of a single sensor unit is sufficient to detect LPG and Narcotic KO-gas. Loud 85dB acoustic alarm


H/W/D 90x115x30 mm


Alarm System
with connections for two additional remote sensors and a relay output for connection to a separate alarm unit (e.g. flashlight).


H/W/D 50x50x24 mm

Remote sensor unit for KOMBIALARM Plus


  • Detects Narcotic (KO-Gas), Propane, Butane and Methane

  • can be used as second or third sensor unit

  • 3m connection cable included



H/W/D 50x50x24 mm

Remote sensor unit for KOMBIALARM Plus

Type CO sensor

  • Detects Carbon Monoxide

  • Can be used as second or third sensor unit

  • 3 m connection cable included



Spannungswächter UC 12
H/W/D  90x60x31 mm

Accessory Unit:

Voltage-Controller for 12 Volt DC

The voltage-control is designed for the continuous supervision of a 12 Volt constant voltage source.
If the voltage falls below a fixed threshold value of 10.2 Volt resp. if there is a change on the board voltage, an optical and at the same time audible alarm is triggered. An integrated 9 V-compound battery has the function to maintain the optical and audible alarm for a period of 1 - 2 days.

Especially in the case of an attack with sleeping gas often the main supply voltage of the mobile home or the holiday flat is switched off or disconnected. In this case an installed alarm system will fail to operate.
In this event the Voltage-Controller activates the acoustic alarm immediately there is a change in the supply voltage, in this way any planned attack with sleeping gas can be prevented.


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